About Us

Parus-Europe is actively developing LED grow light solutions since 2012. We do this to deliver and contribute to a sustainable environment in which healthy and fresh food remains affordable for everyone. Parus-Europe is the distributor and development partner of the Korean brand Parus, and we apply our knowledge and expertise in three specific segments; Consumer and Lifestyle, Indoor and Greenhouse. By supporting these segments, we provide innovative and affordable solutions for any type of grower.

Making the world green

All over the world Parus products are lighting plants in offices and public places to keep the plants healthy which enables them to clean the air more efficient. Almost nothing is impossible, from green walls 5 stories high to tree’s in the restaurant.

Our Story

The Parus brand stands for innovation on plant, health and food production where artificial lighting is the key factor. Our aim is to develop affordable solutions against the highest quality bringing you the latest innovations

Parus Europe