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Improve your harvest by using LED's that are the perfect fit for your cultivation.

Indoor farming

Create the perfect climate to grow your fruits and vegetables without using natural daylight.

Work & Lifestyle

A green work space is not only nice to look at, it is also an important tool to create a healthy environment for your employees.

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Indoor MTB
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle

Indoor MTB

In Almere the Indoor MTB attracts many mountain bike fans. It's located in a greenhouse, our PFLs is there to help the trees and plants stay healthy.
RA AirCooled greenhouse
GreenhouseRA Watercooled

Phalaenopsis Greenhouse

This phalaenopsis greenhouse grows the most beautiful orchids. With the help of our RA-700 Watercooled Top Lights they can accelerate the cultivation process.
kunstproject anna berendsen
Living WallRA AircooledWork & Lifestyle

Art project Anna Berendsen

In March 2021 Anna Berendsen created this art project for Pictura in Dordrecht. After the exposition ended, she moved it into an empty store window.



Wide selection


Parus Europe light series and systems

We offer over 80 different solutions

for many applications


Double sided high power linear LED fixtures with optional water cooling, perfect for vertical growing systems.

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Linear LED lighting with high output up to 4 umol/j, adequate for cultivation with small layers or to build in furniture.

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This is our most used solution for growing layers up to 70 cm and 400 umol, applicable for trolleys and other growing systems.

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Our strongest linear with optional water cooling. Suitable for high-end installations and goes up to 960 umol PPF per fixture.

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It is the smallest lamp in our collection and it’s ideal for low applications such as cuttings and tissue culture.

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RA AirCooled

One of our Top Light series that is cooled by air and enables growing situations from 300 up to 1500 umols on the canopy.

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RA WaterCooled

All the great qualities of our RA Aircooled Series, but it provides better climate management and a longer lifetime.  

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Living Wall

The linear grow light looks like our PFL-s, but has a GrowWhite spectrum and is designed for living walls. 

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Interior Light

This series is excellent for the work & lifestyle market and for example  to build in furniture for plants and herbs.

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