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Plants are beauty’s with brains

Make it work

Plants are way more than just for show...

Plant power!

Adding plants to your work space purifies the air and improves productivity up to 15%.

Welcome to the jungle

You don't have to travel across the globe to experience the jungle. With our help it's possible to grow and maintain all kinds of plants - even trees - indoor.

Impress for success

Upgrade your room with an eye-catching green wall, where a vertical built structure is covered with vegetation.

Easy on the eyes

LED grow lights are usually pink. To make it look good in your requested area we made ours visually white.

Work & Lifestyle applications

Discover the applications of our work & lifestyle

lights in different projects


kunstproject anna berendsen
Living WallRA AircooledWork & Lifestyle

Art project Anna Berendsen

In March 2021 Anna Berendsen created this art project for Pictura in Dordrecht. After the exposition ended, she moved it into an empty store window.
Indoor MTB
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle

Indoor MTB

In Almere the Indoor MTB attracts many mountain bike fans. It's located in a greenhouse, our PFLs is there to help the trees and plants stay healthy.
Living WallRA AircooledWork & Lifestyle


In May 2020 the experience center FloriWorld in Aalsmeer opened it's doors. For this attraction our Living Wall and RA AirCooled Series are installed.
Living WallWork & Lifestyle


The Amsterdam city hall at the Stopera building got a nice upgrade in 2016. Many pieces of modern plant furniture adorn different floors and our Living Wall Series with GrowWhite spectrum is installed to provide the plants from daylight.
Rabobank Schiphol
Living WallWork & Lifestyle

Rabobank Schiphol

In 2016 Rabobank Schiphol was renovated and Sempergreen placed a beautiful green wall in the middle of the office. They mounted our Living Wall Series for the perfect amount of artificial daylight.
Living WallRA AircooledWork & Lifestyle


In 2019 the office of elho in Tilburg was renovated and five large gardens were created inside the building. Our Living Wall Series with GrowWhite spectrum and RA-350 AirCooled are installed to provide the plants from enough artificial daylight.
brasserie lowlands 2018
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle


At Lowlands Festival 2018 we built an eyecatching zero-waste greenhouse where visitors could buy homemade food, prepared with fresh herbs.
The green house utrecht
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle

The Green House Utrecht

In March 2018 HRBS built a greenhouse on top of restaurant The Green House, so they can grow their own greens and herbs. Our PFL-s Series make sure the chefs can pick year round.
De Bijenkorf Amsterdam
T5 seriesWork & Lifestyle

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

For restaurant The Kitchen at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, HRBS created a separation wall that also serves as a place to grow fresh herbs. Our T5 Series provides artificial daylight to keep the plants happy.
Parus interior lighting series

Different powerful lighting series

for work and lifestyle applications

PFL-m Interior

Linear LED lighting with high output that is very suitable to build in furniture such as plant racks and seperation walls.

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PFL-s Interior

This series is an often used solution for layering, such as growing fresh ingredients for restaurants.

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T5 Interior

The smallest lamp in our collection is ideal if you want grow led to be built in furniture and can easily be concealed.

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Living Wall

The linear grow light looks like our PFL-s, but has a GrowWhite spectrum and is designed for living walls. 

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