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Did you know that indoor plants do not only purify the air? They also improve the productivity of employees to up to 15%. Let us inspire you to grow whatever you like in your work space or commercial building without the necessity of daylight.




Parus lighting series

Different powerful lighting series

for any application a light

PFL-m Series

Linear LED lighting with high output up to 4 umol/j, adequate for cultivation with small layers or to build in furniture.

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PFL-s Series

This series is our most used solution for growing layers up to 70 cm and 400 umol, applicable for trolleys and other growing systems.

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T5 Series

The smallest lamp in our collection is ideal for low applications such as cuttings and tissue culture.

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Work & Lifestyle applications

Discover the applications of our greenhouse

lights in different projects


PFL-sWork & Lifestyle


At Lowlands Festival 2018 we built an eyecatching zero-waste greenhouse where visitors could buy homemade food, prepared with fresh herbs.
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle

The Green House Utrecht

In March 2018 HRBS built a greenhouse on top of restaurant The Green House, so they can grow their own greens and herbs. Our PFL-s Series make sure the chefs can pick year round.
T5 seriesWork & Lifestyle

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

For restaurant The Kitchen at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, HRBS created a seperation wall that also serves as a place to grow fresh herbs. Our T5 Series provides artificial daylight to keep the plants happy.
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle

Green wall Rabobank

Rabobank Utrecht has grown multiple greenwalls in their office building. Our PFLs Grow White lamps assure these walls stay green and growing.

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