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There are no greenhouse mistakes, only experiments

Unprecedented opportunities

Who says the only option for your greenhouse is single layer has it all wrong.

Traditional greenhouse

Our greenhouse lights are suitable for all kinds of cultivation... From seeds to mature plants.


In some cases it's possible to choose a multi layer installation. This way you can harvest twice as much with the same amount of square meters.


Automatic dimming can save up to 50% of your light usage and keeps the intensity stable all year round.

Out of the box

We offer solutions! If you think that what you want from your greenhouse is impossible, we'll make it happen.

Greenhouse projects

Discover the applications of our LED’s in different greenhouses


Cucumber Greenhouse
Komkommer kas
Cucumber GreenhouseGreenhouseRA Watercooled

Cucumber Greenhouse

We aim to keep improving our products. This is why we placed our best top lights and lineairs to the test to find out which one works best for the customers growing strategy in this cucumber greenhouse.
Bell pepper project
Bell pepper
Bell pepper projectGreenhouseRA Aircooled

Bell pepper project

When growing bell peppers, the challenge is to grow an even color and a perfect weight. The RA WaterCooled Series makes it possible to influence the climate and the amount of sun hours per day, making the growing process easier.
Phalaenopsis Greenhouse
RA AirCooled greenhouse
Phalaenopsis GreenhouseGreenhouseRA Watercooled

Phalaenopsis Greenhouse

This phalaenopsis greenhouse grows the most beautiful orchids. With the help of our RA-700 Watercooled Top Lights they can accelerate the cultivation process.
Bromeliad greenhouse
Bromeliad greenhouseGreenhouseRA Aircooled

Bromeliad greenhouse

With the help of our LED lights this bromeliads greenhouse can accelerate the cultivation process, which results in eventually being able to harvest more bromeliads in the same amount of time.
Greenhouse lighting series

Choose a lighting series to improve  cultivation in your greenhouse.

RA AirCooled

One of our Top Light series that is cooled by air and enables growing situations from 300 up to 1500 umols on the canopy.

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RA WaterCooled

All the great qualities of our RA Aircooled Series, but it provides better climate management and a longer lifetime. 

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Our strongest linear with optional water cooling. Suitable for high-end installations and goes up to 960 umol PPF per fixture. 

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