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RA WaterCooled Series

red bell pepper

Bell pepper greenhouse

This bell pepper greenhouse grows the most delicious and beautiful red bell peppers all year round. The challenge is to grow paprika with a single red colour and the perfect weight. That’s why these growers are motivated to find the best light solution.

bell pepper greenhouse

Growing bell peppers

Bell peppers grow best when there is an average temperature of 25°C during the day and a minimum of 16°C at night. It needs between 14 and 16 hours of light a day. The ideal humidity for the plant is 70%.

RA WaterCooled

RA WaterCooled Series

We used the RA-700 with the RBFc spectrum. This model is our biggest Top Light. The frame is designed to be as small and efficient and will give the least amount of shadow possible. It’s perfect for growing bell peppers, because the spectrum generates up to 4umol/J and is available with a far red dimmable peak.

bell pepper greenhouse

Bell pepper and LED

It’s hard and sometimes not even possible to provide the plant from 14 to 16 hours of natural light on a daily basis. This is why it’s an easy and obvious choice to go for LED. You can adjust the amount of hours in which you expose the bell peppers from light.

bell pepper plant
Light series used for this project

For this project we used our

RA WaterCooled Series

RA WaterCooled

All the great qualities of our RA AirCooled Series, but it provides better climate management and a longer lifetime.  

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