Growing type

Vegetable high wire

Installation type

Greenhouse toplight
and Linear light


PFL-WCIII & RA series

Cucumber RA Series

How we work

LED is already invented, the efficiency is no question anymore and the spectrums are clear for most crops. However experience is the key to success. Without a community or neighbor grower with experience or one of our consultants to support you it is difficult to change to another strategy. For example going hybrid or to full LED makes a big difference in your climate management. If we can not introduce you to an experienced project we first should test in your production facility, or a similar situation to learn what changes will overcome to your company. We will not sell you just light, we sell you growth!

High wire

Spectrum tests and installation analysis

Together with the growers we have setup tests in production environments to improve the products, spectrum and strategy around the new lights. As always the goal is a better efficiency, but it does not stop at efficiency. We research installation efforts, wiring and cable methods and for example we aim to minimize the shadow inside the greenhouse.


Top light RA Series: air and water cooled comparison

Parus provides most of their lights in air cooled and water cooled. Back in 2010 – 2016 we had too much heat in the powerful light series, we had to remove this heat by using water. Later in 2018 the efficiency of the LEDs got better so water cooling got optional. Since 2020 we only use water cooling in places where we want to reuse the dissipated heat in other applications like heating pipes, storage or to heat up other rooms. Also we use it for saving on HVAC cooling costs.

cucumber greenhouse

The use of linear LED lights for greenhouses

Over the years we learned that our linear LED’s are not only suitable for multilayer installations. They can also be used for single layer purposes in greenhouses. In this case we used the PFL-WCIII Series to grow cucumbers.

Cucumber linear
Light series used for this project

For this project we used our

PFL-WCIII and our RA Series


Our strongest linear with optional water cooling. Suitable for high-end installations and goes up to 960 umol PPF per fixture.

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RA AirCooled

One of our Top Light series that is cooled by air and enables growing situations from 300 up to 1500 umols on the canopy.

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RA WaterCooled

All the great qualities of our RA AirCooled Series, but it provides better climate management and a longer lifetime.  

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