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RA-700 WaterCooled

phalaenopsis RA AirCooled

Phalaenopsis greenhouse

This phaleanopsis greenhouse grows the most beautiful orchids. With the help of our LED lights they can accelerate the cultivation process, which results in eventually being able to harvest more orchids than a phalaenopsis greenhouse that doesn’t use grow LED lights.

phalaenopsis cob installation

The perfect amount of light

The Phalaenopsis usually flowers between January and May, but the blooming period can be all year round. Therefore  a good and constant level of light is essential to grow beautiful Phalaenopsis. A Phalaenopsis loves sunlight, but during summer it’s better not to put them in direct sunlight. Using LED’s makes it possible to meet a constant natural demand of light.

phalaenopsis greenhouse

Phalaenopsis and LED

Research has proven that the best LED solution for Phalaenopsis is a combination of the right LED spectrum which provides a continuous  amount of light year round. At the same time this plant is very sensitive to heat and therefore watercooling is essential to make sure that the LED’s do not generate too much heat. This way the temperature in glass house remains the same.

RA WaterCooled

RA-700 WaterCooled

For this perticular project we used the RA-700 WaterCooled. This series is suitable for flowering. Therfore it’s the ideal LED to be used to grow orchids. Besides that watercooling removes all the heat out of the room to provide better climate management.

phalaenopsis greenhouse
The light series we used for this project

For this project we used our

RA WaterCooled Series

RA WaterCooled

All the great qualities of our RA Aircooled Series, but it provides better climate management and a longer lifetime.  

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