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Interior Series

art project

Pictura Dordrecht

For the Fast Forward exposition at Pictura in Dordrecht an art project of a self-sufficient tree was created by an artist called Anna Berendsen. It’s placed in the cellar of the Pictura museum in Dordrecht, where there is no light coming in. To make sure the plants Anna hung our grow LED-bulbs in the tree.

pictura dordrecht

Anna Berendsen

Anna Berendsen is an artist from Dordrecht that is striving for a better world. One where plants, animals and human can work together and co-exist. This world – that used to exist in her fantasy – is brought to life in her compositions.

etalage dordrecht

Etalage art

After the exposition at Pictura ended, Anna moved the composition to an empty store window in the Dordrecht city center. This is in cooperation with Etalage.Art. Now everyone who passes the window is able to see and admire the tree.

Anna Berendsen

Interior Series

For projects like this we developed a special series. The interior series are suitable for many applications in the work & lifestyle field. It makes sure plants experience a slight growth or stay healthy. They will be able to blossom, but not too fast.

etalage art dordrecht
Lighting series used for this poject

For projects like this take a look at our

Interior Light series

Interior Light

This series is excellent for the work & lifestyle market and for example  to build in furniture for plants and herbs.

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