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Living Wall Series

Indoor MBT

Indoor MTB at Almere

Indoor Mountainbike is a unique location in Europe where you can mountainbike indoors, but can still enjoy the outdoor feeling. It’s unique because it’s built in an old greenhouse. It is filled with a 4km bike trail with obstacles, curves, potholes and bridges. Besides that you can find a lot of trees and plants that create the ultimate outdoor experience.

MTB Indoor

Take the outdoor experience inside

To recreate the outdoor experience indoors Indoor MTB planted lots of pine trees and other plants alongside the trail. Logically – just like most cultivation – these can use some extra daylight to keep them healthy and growing. Pine trees have a preference to grow in places where there is light, as they are not fans of to much shadow.

Office Linaeir White

Living Wall Series

For this perticular project we used the Living Wall Series with a GrowWhite spectrum. The spectrum is visually white, but with the necessary benefits of our pink spectrums. It provides just enough light to make sure the plants and trees stay healthy and lively, but are not growing or blossoming too fast.

Logo MBT Indoor

Overall setup

The race track crisscrosses the entire greenhouse. Trees and plants grow randomly scattered along the track to generate the outdoor effect. In order to provide the vegetation with the right light requirements, grow lights have been hung in several places. These, in combination with the light coming in through the greenhouse, provide the ideal growing conditions.

PFLs Indoor MTB
Lighting series used for this project

For this project we used our

Living Wall Series and RA AirCooled Series

Living Wall

The linear grow light looks like our PFL-s, but has a GrowWhite spectrum and is designed for living walls. 

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