PFL-sWork & Lifestyle


At Lowlands Festival 2018 we built an eyecatching zero-waste greenhouse where visitors could buy homemade food, prepared with fresh herbs.
GreenhouseRA Watercooled

Phalaenopsis Greenhouse

This phaleanopsis greenhouse grows the most beautiful orchids. With the help of our RA-700 Watercooled Top Lights they can accelerate the cultivation process.
PFL-sWork & Lifestyle

The Green House Utrecht

In March 2018 HRBS built a greenhouse on top of restaurant The Green House, so they can grow their own greens and herbs. Our PFL-s Series make sure the chefs can pick year round.
T5 seriesWork & Lifestyle

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

For restaurant The Kitchen at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, HRBS created a seperation wall that also serves as a place to grow fresh herbs. Our T5 Series provides artificial daylight to keep the plants happy.
Indoor farmingPFL-WCIII

Strawberry Climate Chamber

At De Ruwenberg a strawberry climate chamber managed to grow over 120 kilograms of strawberries per square meter with the help of our PFL-WCIII linear LED lights.
GreenhouseRA Aircooled

Bell pepper project

The Parus brand stands for innovation on plant, health and food production where artificial lighting is the key factor. Our aim is to develop affordable solutions against the highest quality bringing you the latest innovations.
Indoor farmingPFL-sPFL-WCIII


Container farming is a form of indoor farming and refers to cultivation of products in a container. Our Plant Factory System is capable of growing all kinds of crops such as strawberries, herbs and lettuce.
GreenhouseRA Watercooled

Cucumber Greenhouse

We aim to keep improving our products. This is why we placed our best top lights and lineairs to the test to find out which one works best for the customers growing strategy.

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