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PFL-WCIII series

Plant Factory System doors

Container farming

Container farming is a form of indoor farming and refers to cultivation of products in a container. In these containers the weather conditions are overcome and fully equipped with the most efficient hydroponics cultivation system and the best LED grow lights possible. This way you can place your farm anywhere you like, since you are no longer depend on the climate, weather or amount of daylight.

Plant Factory System lettuce

Plant Factory System

Our Plant Factory System is capable of growing all kinds of crops such as strawberries, herbs and – in this case – lettuce. Inside the container, four layers of grow LED-lit shelves have been installed to allow for more harvest per square meter. It also has a Grower Control Unit where you can measure and adjust the conditions inside the container.


Plant Factory System and LED

In order to recreate the sun indoors, we expose the plants to our grow LED lights with carefully developed grow spectrums. Different crops require different kinds of spectrums. Plants are picky about the type of light they absorb and have special, color-specific receptors and hormones that serve different and important functions. Please let us advice you on the type of spectrum which is most suitable for your container farm.

Lettuce Plant Factory System

PFL Series

For indoor cultivation we recommend one of our Plant Factory Light series: PFL-s, PFL-m and PFL-WCIII. These are often used for multi layer installations, trolleys and other growing systems. The strongest one is the PFL-WCIII, which goes up to 960umol PPF per fixture.

Empty Plant Factory System
Light series suitable for this project

For this project our PFL-s and

PFL-WCIII Series are most suitable

PFL-s Series

This is our most used solution for growing layers up to 70 cm and 400 umol, applicable for trolleys and other growing systems.

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Our strongest linear with optional water cooling. Suitable for high-end installations and goes up to 960 umol PPF per fixture.

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