Growing type

Indoor plants

Installation type

Single layer linear


Living Wall, RA AirCooled

elho jungle

Indoor gardens at elho

The renovation of the elho office and factory is all about telling the story of the company. Themes such as family, circularity, sustainability, creativity, trends and history were the inspiration for the design of the gardens. In total there are five large gardens in the building. Every garden has it’s own design related to the themes formulated by the company.

elho palm

Maintaining plants at the office

Even though it has been proven that a green work environment has a positive effect on the productivity of employees, most people who work at an office will agree to the fact that it’s hard to maintain plants there. A major cause of the plants not surviving is the lack of daylight. Luckily this can easily be resolved with our LED-grow solutions.

Office Linaeir White

Living Wall Series and RA-350 AirCooled

For this perticular project we used two of our LED solutions: the Living Wall Series with a GrowWhite spectrum and the RA-350 AirCooled with a RBW spectrum. The spectrums are both visually white, but with the necessary benefits of our pink spectrums. They provide just enough light to make sure the plants stay healthy and lively, but are not growing or blossoming too fast.

elho tree

Overall setup

For most of the indoor gardens we used the Living Wall linears. They are not mounted directly to the ceiling, but they are attached to steel frames which are connected to the ceiling with steel wires. For the vegetation that needs just a bit of extra power – such as trees – we installed the RA-350 AirCooled.

elho conference room
Lighting series used for this project

For this project we used our

Living Wall and RA AirCooled Series

RA AirCooled

One of our Top Light series that is cooled by air and enables growing situations from 300 up to 1500 umols on the canopy.

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Living Wall

The linear grow light looks like our PFL-s, but has a GrowWhite spectrum and is designed for living walls. 

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