Growing type

Vegetables and herbs

Installation type

Multilayer linear


PFL-s Series

The GreenHouse Utrecht

Fresh greens and herbs for restaurant The Green House

At restaurant The Green House next to the railway station of Utrecht the chefs prefer to work with herbs and vegetables as fresh as possible. In March 2018 HRBS created an entire greenhouse on top of the restaurant specially for them. Here they can grow their own ingredients. This not only makes going out for dinner extra special for the guests. At the same time it is a real eyecatcher at the station square. To make sure The Green House can cultivate year round, Parus Europe installed the perfect LED solution.

The GreenHouse inside

Herbs and LED

The desired amount of light is different for each herb species. That’s why it comes in handy when you are able to control the hours and intensity of the light. This is easily done when you are using grow LED. In combination with a greenhouse you create the ideal circumstances to grow and maintain herbs.


PFL-s Series in 120cm RBW spectrum

For this perticular project we used the PFL-s Series in 120cm with a RBW spectrum. This series is ideal for multilayer trolleys, which are also used for The Green House. The RBW spectrum that is used in the LED’s  has the perfect combination of red and blue light to ensure optimal growth of the herbs and greens.

The GreenHouse restaurant

Overall setup

The greenhouse on top of the restaurant is filled with custom made Danish trolleys with our PFL-s lights. They only turn on when the sun does not provide enough light. The trolleys are filled with trays with herbs, provided by HRBS. These are further grown inside The Green House.

The Greenhouse Utrechts PFL-m Series
Lighting series used for this project

For this project we used our

PFL-s Series

PFL-s Series

This is our most used solution for growing layers up to 70 cm and 400 umol, applicable for trolleys and other growing systems.

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