Growing type

Indoor plants

Installation type

Single layer linear


Living Wall Series


Urban jungle at Stopera

The Stopera building complex in Amsterdam is housing both the city hall and the Dutch National Opera and Ballet. While the building was already looking great from the outside, it could use a little upgrade on the inside. That’s why HRBS brought the city hall to life with amazing plant furniture.


Maintaining plants at the office

A green work environment has a positive effect on the productivity of employees, but at the city hall it’s hard to maintain plants since there is very little daylight coming in. A lack of daylight is a major cause of plants not surviving. Luckily this can easily be resolved with our LED-grow solutions.

Office Linaeir White

Living Wall Series

For this perticular project we used the Living Wall Series with a GrowWhite spectrum. The spectrum is visually white, but has the same benefits as our pink grow LED spectrums. This way it keeps the plants alive and it is nice to look at for humans at the same time.

Stopera HRBS

Overall setup

For all the furniture we used the Living Wall linears. They are mounted directly into the upper steel shelves. The cables are concealed as much as possible, so people won’t notice them. The plants are either standing on the bottom shelves or hanging from chains attached to the upper shelves.

stopera plant
Lighting series used for this project

For this project we used our

Living Wall Series

Living Wall

The linear grow light looks like our PFL-s, but has a GrowWhite spectrum and is designed for living walls. 

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