Paprika Project

Nootdorp, The Netherlands

Growing type


Installation type

Top lights


RA Series

Bell pepper greenhouse Nieuwkoop Paprika’s b.v.

In [maand en jaar] we started a project at a bell pepper greenhouse in Nootdorp. They had issues with [probleem].

Great results

After only [verstreken tijd] you could see that the bell peppers grew [this much bigger/more/faster].

RA Series

We used the RA 700 with the RBFc spectrum. This model can [eigenschappen] which is perfect for growing bell peppers.

Overall setup

We used [this many] LED’s on a surface of [m2]. They hanging [distance] above the ground. The lights are on for [hours] a day.

Parus lighting series

Different powerful lighting series

for any application a light


Double sided high power LED fixtures with optional water cooling for vertical growing systems

PFL-m serie

Tiny form factor lineair with high output up to 4umol/j for extra small layers

PFL-s serie

Our most used fixture for growing layers up to 70cm and 400umol.


Our strongest linear for high end installations, allowing water cooling when needed, up to a PPF of 960umol per fixture.

T5 serie

Our most tiny lamp for the ultimate low applications like tissue culture or built in furnitures

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Paprika Project

The Parus brand stands for innovation on plant, health and food production where artificial lighting is the key factor. Our aim is to develop affordable solutions against the highest quality bringing you the latest innovations.
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We aim to keep improving our products. This is why we placed our best top lights and lineairs to the test to find out which one works best for the customers growing strategy.

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