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Strawberry plants

Fresh strawberries all year round

Indoor strawberry facility De Ruwenberg has managed to grow over 120 kilograms of strawberries per square meter. They built a multilayer strawberry climate chamber and used our watercooled PFL-WCIII linear LED lights. As a result they are no longer depending on the seasons and are able to harvest delicious strawberries year round.

ruwenberg hangsysteem

They love sunlight

In Holland strawberries are also called “Kings of Summer”, because during this season the sunlight is strong which provides the sweet and flavourful taste. Although the strawberries love strong light, beware that you should be careful when the plants are still young, when the light is too strong they can suffer from that.

Average heights or High layer

Strawberries and LED

To grow strawberries you no longer depend on natural sunlight. These days it’s possible to grow strawberries indoors, thanks to the introduction of grow LED solutions. Growing strawberries indoors can be a great option for indoor and urban farming. As seen on the pictures strawberries like to grow in full spectrum LED’s. The advantage is that LED’s can be installed closer to the plants as they do not emit as much heat as traditional lights. Therefore it’s very suitable to create multi layer installations.

Strawberry indoor

PFL-WCIII linear

De Ruwenberg has built two climate chambers for strawberries with our PFL-WCIII C-model with RBF spectrum. These lamps are used for both the grow chamber as the flowering chamber. The C-model is suitable for high demand climate chambers where maximum control is needed. The PFL-WCIII is good for multi layer environments which need more than 200umol and have more than 25cm between the canopy and the light.

Strawberries De Ruwenberg
Light series used for this project

For this project we used our



Our strongest linear with optional water cooling. Suitable for high-end installations and goes up to 960 umol PPF per fixture.

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