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T5 Series

De bijenkorf Amsterdam herbs

Fresh herbs for restaurant The Kitchen

At restaurant The Kitchen on the top floor of luxury department store De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam the chefs prefer to work with fresh herbs in their open kitchen. Specially for them HRBS created a separation wall that also serves as a place to grow fresh herbs. There is not enough daylight to maintain these herbs. That’s why we installed our LED’s to not only make them grow, but also to put them in the spotlight. This literally brings the restaurant to life and provides a nice experience to the visitors.

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

Three years later

After three years the herbs are still healthy and growing. As you can see in the picture, the herbs have grown into full and bushy plants. This is because the LED’s are working as they are supposed to and haven’t lost any power since day one. Customers of restaurant The Kitchen can continuously enjoy freshly picked herbs in their meals.

bijenkorf amsterdam herbs

Overall setup

The separation wall is made from densely packed open compartments which each have there own box with herbs. We used one T5 SeriesĀ  in every open compartment. The distance from the light to the herbs is about 30cm. The lights are not switched on the entire day, as the plants also need a daily period of rest.


T5 Series in 60cm

For this perticular project we used the T5 Series in 60cm. This series is perfect for low applications such as cutting and tissue culture, but also small plants like herbs. Therefore it’s the ideal LED to be built in to the the HRBS separation wall and provide the herbs the exact needed amount of artificial daylight.

De Bijenkorf restaurant T5 Series
Lighting series used for this project

For this project we used our

T5 Series

T5 Series

It is the smallest lamp in our collection and it’s ideal for low applications such as cuttings and tissue culture.

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